Dear Euphoria heads out of Sweden for their first Europa tour next month. Dates currently confirmed are:

19 Feb - Prinz Willy / Kiel, Germany
20 Feb - Schokoladen / Berlin, Germany
21 Feb - Feinkostlampe / Hannover, Germany
22 Feb - MuK / Giessen, Germany
23 Feb - Kino Central / Magdeburg, Germany
24 Feb - Hans Wurst / Berlin, Germany
25 Feb - Noch Besser Leben / Leipzig, Germany
26 Feb - Das Bett / Frankfurt, Germany
27 Feb - Grüner Jäger / Hamburg, Germany
28 Feb - Steinbruch / Duisburg, Germany
29 Feb - Amp / Münster, Germany
01 Mar - De Nieuwe Anita / Amsterdam, Netherlands

'Two by Two' is our new split 10" vinyl series. Two or more tracks from two artists, some STK bands, some not. New and exclusive tracks, on some fine sounding vinyl, with some very fine artwork and packaging. Each release in the series will be limited to 500 copies. Take your iTunes and shove it in a digital dustbin, it's turntable time.

Two by Two, part 1, released February 25th January 21st, will feature our new family friends Band in Box and our new Icelandic friends Parachutes. Click click here and here to hear a preview of the Parachutes tracks and here to get a sonic sample of Band in Box.

» Pre-release orders are now being taken here

Dear Euphoria's beautiful debut album is available to digitally stream into your ears, in full, here. Vote with your fingers and buy the equally beautifully packaged digipak from our online shop here.

A tour of some super-lucky Europa countries is currently being planned for February and March, dates and details to follow.

It being early November and still an age away, our rank retail giants are already selling Christmas. With that in mind, or not, we're simply selling music, with a new series of CD packages to treat your ears. Gift wrapping options, elsewhere.

» Pick-up a package here

The music of Dear Euphoria flew into our ears just over a year ago and returned in droves this spring, hearing their sonic beauty anew. On October 22nd, we'll release their debut album (previously only available as a limited self-release), remastered, with four new tracks added.

In advance of the album, we offer a free-download two track MP3 single, featuring the album songs Snow and Falling Behind. Download them below, then pop to our shop and place your advance order for the album. Online orders will begin shipping from next week.

» Snow
» Falling Behind
» CDR Artwork - PDF

First off, Boy Omega's beautiful brand new album, 'Hope on the Horizon', is just one week away from release. Too weak for the week? We're shipping orders made through our online shop NOW! Buy it here and get some early joy in your ears. We've added a new preview track, 'Change of Plans', to our MySpace page. Listen up, here.

Slightly further into the future, Dear Euphoria's self-titled album is released on October 22nd. A free digital download single will be available from October 8th. Our art-genius friend, Kalle Mattsson at Hijack Your Life, has once again created some superb artwork to match the stunning sounds. The album is now available as a pre-order from our online shop. Get euphoric here, then get Euphoria here.

Audrey sail over to the UK in late October for one last set of Visible Forms shows. Including a rather nice co-headline date with comrades Yndi Halda at London's finest venue, The Luminaire, on October 28th. Full details and ticket links below.

24.10.07: The Legion / London (UK) » Tickets
25.10.07: The Adelphi / Hull (UK)
26.10.07: Holy Trinity Church / Leeds (UK) » Tickets
27.10.07: Taylor John's House / Coventry (UK) w/Gravenhurst
28.10.07: The Luminaire / London (UK) + Yndi Halda » Tickets

Band in Box played two songs on the Garage TV show on Sweden's Kunskapskanalen this week. They weren't very good ... they were great! The songs are currently streaming on the channel's website. Click click, here and here.

Our first release with Band in Box is a split 10" vinyl, along with Iceland's Parachutes, coming in November. The band's debut album will follow next year.

The Boy is back ... Boy Omega returns; bigger, better, bolder, with their second full-length album on Stereo Test Kit, entitled 'Hope On The Horizon'.

Less electronic sounding than before, more warmth, more analogue sounds; big walls of strings, horns, acoustic piano, vocal harmonies ... the sound of 'more is more'.

The album is released in the UK on October 1st, but is now available for pre-order from our online store. The first 20 online orders will receive a free copy of Boy Omega's previous full-length, 'The Black Tango'. Boy oh boy.

Preceding the album, we release a digital single of 'Suffocation Street' on September 17th. The title track is now available as a free MP3 download from here. The track is also included on the latest New Ears Day podcast and is available for streaming ears on our MySpace page. We'll be adding a new track from the album to MySpace on each of the next 3 Mondays. Check, check, check back for those.

A few short words from our sponsors, us:
» The previously announced 7" split single series has magically grown by 43%. It'll now be a 10" vinyl series. Sharing the first release with Band in Box, we're delighted to say, are our new ear-friends from Iceland, Parachutes. Freefall for their sounds here. Both Parachutes and Band in Box are in the process of recording new tracks for the release. We're aiming for a November release date, we'll see how that goes.
» The dates for Audrey's mini UK tour in October are now up on the Live Dates page here. More details, ticket-purchase links and support band news to follow shortly.
» Dear Euphoria's self-titled debut will be released on October 22nd. A digital single will precede it on October 8th. More things Euphoria to follow soon. In the meantime, get happy, here.
» And finally, a studio report from we are soldiers we have guns, currently recording their debut album in Gothenburg. Malin has reportedly become an "emo Bruce Springsteen". We have no idea what this means, but look forward to finding out. That is all.

And so we welcome Logh and the first tracks taken from their majestic new album 'North'. The first single taken from the album is 'Saturday Nightmares', track 1 from the album, backed by 'Weather Island'.

Sample the lead track here, then download both tracks from Klicktrack.

North is released as a beautifully packaged 6-page digipak CD in the UK and Ireland on September 10th, but is now available for pre-order from the online store. Online orders will start shipping from next week, a week in advance of the official release date. Logh return to the UK for live shows in the early part of 2008.

» sample Saturday Nightmares here
» download the 320kbps 2-track single here
» watch the video for Saturday Nightmares here

Band in Box is the sound of intellectual animals playing magic tricks in your ears. They're the band that Dr. Dolittle listens to on his cassette walkman, while on a moonshine-making holiday in Narnia. They're influenced by infantilism, hospitals and animals, junkfood and whiskey. It turns out that these are good influences for a band to have.

Band in Box is Siri af Burén, a clarinet, two guitars, a ukulele, a piano, a melodica, some glockenspiel, a blue egg, a tambourine, a flute, a trumpet, a violin, a chinese miniature piano and a toolbox. This is the world of Band in Box. We like their world.

Stereo Test Kit will be releasing their debut album next year, preceded by a split 7" in November. More details on the split single coming soon. In the meantime, do like the Dr. and fill your ears with the inventive sounds of Band in Box.

» Leaving Smears
» Lost and Foundland

Hear more on the Band in Box MySpace site here.
The best things to find are those that you didn't know you'd lost. And so it was with the music of Dear Euphoria; some months after they first touched our ears, we rediscovered (really discovered) their music anew, care of Martin Omega and his musical brain. Some things are worth losing, so as to be able to discover them again. Try it. But don't blame us if it doesn't work out.

Dear Euphoria self-released an album, entitled 'For Everything Of Worth', in '05. They printed as many copies as they could afford at the time. It sold out. We'll be adding some new recordings and releasing the album in October, for new ears to discover what we did - Dear Euphoria's deeply beautiful and honest music.

Download 'Snow' from the forthcoming self-titled album here. Hear more on the band's MySpace page here. An all-new album is planned for 2008.

Dear Euphoria visit London, for their debut UK show, supporting Adrian Crowley at the Luminaire on August 23rd. Full info and ticket details here.
Here's the new order of our old world:

· Logh - We begin Logh's UK assault in late August, with a digital single 'Saturday Nightmares', taken from their damn-fine-new-album 'North', which will land in early September. The band hit the roads of the UK and Europe for a couple of weeks in late September and early October. Dates and details to follow soon.

· Boy Omega - The Omega's new album 'Hope on the Horizon' arrives in early October. The first single, 'Suffocation Street', will kick things off in September, available as a limited-edition CD and digital download. UK and European shows with the full-on orchestra band will coincide.

· Audrey - The Audrey crew slip out of Sweden in late October, for one final set of UK and European dates, playing songs from their debut full-length, 'Visible Forms'. The band are currently writing and rehearsing for their follow-up, expect a few advance sonic glimpses to be showcased on tour.

· Musika 77 and we are soldiers we have guns - Both Mux and soldiers are currently writing and rehearsing new material for new albums. When they're finished, they'll tell us, then we'll tell you. There's some other new new things happening, more about that another time.

With An Alliance Of Hearts, they created one of our favourite songs, ever. So we're very pleased and happy to announce that we'll be releasing Logh's latest full-length masterpiece in the UK and Ireland this summer. Expect more majestic UK live shows to coincide. More news on all that coming soon.

In the meantime, the band hits mainland Europe for a month of shows from the end of April. Check those, as well as updated dates for: Boy Omega, Musika 77 and we are soldiers we have guns, here.
A bunch of new tours and dates have been added to the Live Shows page, including details of Boy Omega's month-long Euro-tour, supporting Saddle Creek's finest, Maria Taylor. More show and tour news when we have it.

2007's new music is finally warming our wintered ears, so it's time to come out of hibernation and start to play. Here's what's happening in the Stereo Test Kit world:

· Audrey - having recently finished one European tour, the band begins another next week. Check the dates here. New songs are presently being prepared and demo'd for album number two, to be recorded later in the year. UK dates are planned for October. Japan gets to see and hear Audrey in the autumn as well, when Visible Forms gets a local release and the band heads east.

· Boy Omega - their new album, entitled 'Hope On The Horizon', has been delighting our ears since it arrived a few weeks ago. Put simply, it's superb. And so much more. The world's ears will have to wait until late summer to hear it in full, but an EP-single sampler will slip out in advance. UK and European shows will coincide.

· Musika 77 - the Musika punx are hard at work on the next set of Mux masterpieces. A Germany solo tour, with The Book of Daniel, happens in June. The new album will follow, sometime later.

· we are soldiers we have guns - having just finished a tour of Germany, the soldiers play a couple of shows in Sweden next month (details TBA). Their debut album is currently being written, with recording planned to start in May. The new songs that we've heard = magnificent!

· Pajo - finally a few words on our STK family friend, David Pajo ... he's back in Europe, playing with Papa M and Slint this year. The dates are here, we're there.

Not that we're luddites at all, but we'd much rather sell nicely packaged physical versions of our releases than the rather more anonymous digital download. But downloads have their place, so we've dipped our musical toes in the digital water and joined the Klicktrack clan. Downloads of some titles are restricted by country, but all are available to UK and Ireland customers.

The Stereo Test Kit digital download store on Klicktrack is here.

Instead of dwelling on all the new year's resolutions that have already been broken, we'll help you to make another one: to listen to some fine music in 2007. While we're waiting for this year's releases to land, we're oiling the greasy wheels of commerce and removing all postage costs from our online shop for the duration of January. Have a happy new year here.
You might not be aware of it (and that's a distinct probability), but today is New Ears Day! Yup, indeed. New Ears Day is a website that we've set-up along with some of our favourite independent labels, including; Constellation, Fat Cat, Bella Union and Leaf, in order to bring you folk some free MP3s for December.

A selection of previously unavailable MP3s from Stereo Test Kit's 2006 catalogue will be added to the New Ears website over the first two weeks in December. The same goes for the other labels, as well as a few tasters of what's coming in 2007. Fill your ears at the New Ears Day website here.

Rounding off the recent spate of releases is the new seven-track mid-priced album from the songwriting wonderboy Martin Gustaffson and his band, Boy Omega. Entitled 'The Grey Rainbow', it's both immediate and slow-burning, instantly charming and enduringly intriguing. Without doubt it's their finest and grandest work to date, but don't just take our word for it, Uncut says:

"On this seven-track follow-up to the acclaimed Black Tango, Gothenburg native Martin Gustafsson takes the pastoral folk-pop of Sufjan Stevens and the world-weary musings of the late Elliott Smith and adds violins, Mellotron and occasional programmed percussion, resulting in something incredibly fragile and perfectly crafted." - UNCUT (4/5)

» download sample tracks here
» buy The Grey Rainbow here

Finally a quick THANK YOU to all of the promoters and music lovers who turned out for the recent Audrey and Musika 77 UK shows. Maybe they'll be back for more around Easter time. More when we know more.

We'd like to think that Stereo Test Kit releases thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful music. With this in mind, our second release from 'we are soldiers we have guns', a 5 track mini-album entitled To Meet Is Murder, arrives with about as much thought and beauty as is possible to pack onto a disc of silver plastic.

More powerful, more melodic and more immediate than before, as one reviewer described them: "an ideal and impossible mix between post-rock atmosphere and the most light twee". That's exactly what it is, but not so impossible. Listen to a sample track and buy the CD below.

» download a sample track here
» buy To Meet Is Murder here

After much anticipation, from us anyway, here it is, the PAJO/Audrey split. Two new and exclusive tracks from Pajo and two of the finest cuts from Audrey's debut album 'Visible Forms'. To say that Pajo is a bit of a hero around these parts is rather an understatement. Through his Slint and Papa M projects and from working with the likes of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, The Palace Brothers, The For Carnation, Tortoise, Stereolab and Royal Trux, he's closer to a legend.

We're streaming one of the Pajo tracks on our MySpaz page. Stream away here.

» buy the PAJO/Audrey split here

Audrey and Musika 77 begin their stint of UK shows this coming Friday. Club AC30 at the Water Rats in London is first up. Full details here.

Due to a problem with the label printing, the retail release of the split CD has been pushed back to November 13th. Web orders will be fulfilled as of now.

It has been described as melancholy, self-regarding and arty, as if those were negatives against it. For us, those qualities combine to make Musika 77's new album, Brave You Free May, one of our favourite albums ... ever. If it requires your time and patience, then accept that rewards come with effort. Open your ears, this is music. This is Musika 77. Brave You Free May.

"The Swedish 3-piece construct a delicate yet powerful angel-carcass of an album that bleeds all over you with pretty guitars and quivering string accompaniments. This is truly beautiful and should be taken in strong arms and wooed until the pain subsides." - Spill Magazine

» download sample tracks here
» buy Brave You Free May here

we are soldiers we have guns extend their DIY ethos with a trip into the world of video, to create a clip for 'The Line is A Dot To You', taken from their forthcoming mini-album 'To Meet Is Murder'. Malin's friend Elin makes a guest appearance on banana microphone and telephone. David Lynch would be proud. Click here to reel the surreal.

To Meet Is Murder is released on October 30th and is available now as a pre-release order from the online shop.

Number 3 in our continuing series of free download singles is here and what a beautiful beast it is. Two tracks from Musika 77's forthcoming sophomore release 'Brave You Free May' and one rather special new and exclusive track, a cover of the Rosie Thomas song '2 Dollar Shoes'. Once again there's some artwork to print for the CDR crafters. Get it all here.

Brave You Free May is released on October 16th and is now available to pre-order from the online shop. See Musika live in the UK from October 27th, full details in the Live Dates section.

A live reminder for UK folk to begin with, it's just over three weeks until Audrey and Musika 77 reach the UK, check the dates in full here.

Both bands have new releases within the next 3 weeks. Audrey has a split CD with PAJO released on October 23rd and Musika 77's beautiful new album enters the world on October 16th. The Musika 77 album is now available as a pre-release order from the shop.

Still with Musika 77, check back at the end of the week for the third in our series of free MP3 singles. A couple of album samples and what (we're sure) will be a very fine new and exclusive cover song. What song? Come back on Friday to find out.

The website has been updated with a couple of new sections; Releases details STK's catalogue in full and Sounds & Media has been split out from the Shop section. New MP3s have been added to the Sounds & Media section to sample the forthcoming releases from we are soldiers we have guns and Boy Omega (see below). More details on these releases coming soon.
Audrey return to the UK for more spellbinding live shows in late October and early November. Musika 77 join them for their debut UK shows on four of the first five dates. It's going to be something special. Here's where they'll visit:

27-10-06: London / Water Rats Theatre (Club AC30) + Musika 77
28-10-06: Brighton / The Prince Albert (Sweden Made Me)
30-10-06: Lancaster / Yorkshire House (L*A*W*M) + Musika 77
31-10-06: Manchester / The Klondyke Club, Levenshulme + Musika 77
01-11-06: Hull / The Adelphi
02-11-06: Birmingham / The Glee Club
03-11-06: Glasgow / King Tut's (w/ I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness)
04-11-06: Aberdeen / Peacock Visual Arts (DiZZY SToRM)

And a reminder that Boy Omega arrive for UK shows this week and next. Full details here.

The decorators have been in, added some things, removed some things, changed some colours, drank some coffee. A few more additions to come later in the week.

It's going to be a fine musical Autumn with four new releases and a couple of UK tours. Here's what's coming up:

16-October - Musika 77 - 'Brave You Free May' / album
23-October - PAJO/Audrey / split CD single
30-October - We Are Soldiers We Have Guns - 'To Meet Is Murder' / mini-album
13-November - Boy Omega - 'The Grey Rainbow' / mini-album

Each release will be available to pre-order online a little in advance and we'll be putting up some MP3s to sample each treat over the next few weeks.

To be releasing the PAJO/Audrey split is an honour to say the least. Two new and exclusive tracks from PAJO, plus two fine cuts from Audrey's debut album. Even the artwork is stunning. We're stunned. Full details in a few weeks.

Audrey return to the UK for shows between October the 27th and November the 5th. A couple of final dates to confirm, then we'll post the full details. If that wasn't enough, Musika 77 will pop over the water for their debut UK shows and hook-up with Audrey for the first five dates of the tour. G.O.S.H.

First up with UK shows: Boy Omega return to the UK the week after next to play the going-to-be-great End of the Road Festival in Salisbury on September the 16th, plus a few additional dates up and down the country. They're a damn fine live band, go and hear for yourself at:

14-September: Glasgow / The Admiral Bar
15-September: Coventry / The Tin Angel
16-September: Larmer Tree Gardens, Salisbury / The End of the Road Festival
17-September: London / The Windmill, Brixton
18-September: Leeds / The Brudenell Social Club

Here's another free download treat from Boy Omega. The second MP3 single to be taken from their album, The Black Tango, with lead track 'Explode'.

As well as the title track and video, two non-album tracks are included; 'Fool Around (band version)' and 'We Might Not Be Real (slow version)'. Once again, for the CDR burners amongst you, Martin has styled some cover art to print and preen. Download the Explode MP3 single here.

Finally, the wait it over. Audrey's debut album 'Visible Forms' is here. As great as we expected, even better than we'd hoped. It might not *yet* be the album of the year, but we certainly think it's the album of the year so far.

Forty two and a half minutes, nine new tracks, of brilliance and beauty. The Sunday Times have called it "A fabulous, shimmering debut, for fans of Sigur Ros, Stina Nordenstam, Björk or Low".

Download a couple of tracks and buy the album below:
» Mecklenburg
» Views
» buy Visible Forms here

A small plug for our friends at The End Of The Road Festival, being held at The Larmer Tree Gardens (close to Stonehenge) between the 15th and 17th of September.

Boy Omega play on Saturday the 16th and the weekend is quite genuinely packed with a huge number of fine bands. Full details and advance tickets available here.

Proving that they don't need an aeroplane to get to venues, we are soldiers we have guns have two local dates set for July. Go and listen to the new songs, hold their beauty, then look forward to the new EP in September.

Look, listen and learn:

02-July: Gothenburg / Kulturhuset Underjorden - (with Deltahead)
21-July: Gothenburg / Klubbhuset vid majvallen - Ladyfest

we are soldiers we have guns pop-in for a London show as support to their fellow countrymen Jeniferever on Monday, May 15th. Space Mtn open-up proceedings at London's finest and friendliest music venue, the Luminaire. Advance tickets here.

The soldiers have been busy recording their second EP, due for release mid-summer. According to Malin; "The songs feel powerful, melodic and more immediate than anything we've done so far" .... and they really do. Ah, well here's a sneak preview to prove it.

» songs that no one will hear

Boy Omega's second album, The Black Tango, is here. It's deservedly been picking-up some fine reviews across Europe - 20 tracks of music as beautiful as music can be.

The band hit the road for their debut UK shows this week (see dates below).

» buy The Black Tango here

A few thousand of you folk have been enjoying the free internet-only EP that we made available a couple of weeks ago and it's still available as a sweet taster for the savoury album - download it here.

Come and say Hi to the Omega boys on the following dates:

21-April: Glasgow / Bar Bloc
23-April: Hull / The Adelphi
24-April: Stockton / Georgian Theatre (with Akron/Family)
25-April: London / Betsey Trotwood, Farringdon
27-April: Newport / Le Pub (with Gethin Pearson)
28-April: Coventry / Taylor Johns House
29-April: London / RoTa @ Notting Hill Arts Club (Bands and DJs from 4PM)

Time for some new news and new music. Time for Boy Omega. The new album, entitled The Black Tango, hits the UK on April 17th and they arrive the same week for shows up and down the country. Catch them now and discover why the fine folk at City Slang have just signed them.

In advance of the album, we've got three tracks and CDR artwork available for download, featuring two album and one exclusive non-album track. Get them here.

Catch Boy Omega live in the UK in April. The band will be back in September to play a new 3-day outdoor music festival called the 'End of the Road Festival'. Looks like it'll be a great one - more details here.

In other news, the debut album from Audrey is finished and sounds as amazing as we expected, only better! Entitled 'Visible Forms', it'll be released in the UK in late June. More Audrey news and a taster of the album coming soon.

Finally, we're rather chuffed to announce that we'll be releasing the new album from Musika 77, entitled 'Brave You Free May'. It's about as fine and mighty a record as you'll hear this year, or any other. Album release and tour details to follow.

The new year is going to be a busy one, along with the debut album from Audrey and new sounds from we are soldiers we have guns, it's our pleasure to announce that we'll be releasing the new album from Boy Omega. Download a couple of tracks from their forthcoming album 'The Black Tango' here.

Lookout for UK shows from all three bands in the Spring - more details to come early nexy year.

2006 is sounding great already!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the recent shows by Audrey and we are soldiers we have guns. Audrey will be back in the UK in April to coincide with the release of their debut album.

we are soldiers we have guns will be back early in 2006 as well. Their new EP comes in an exquisitely packaged cardboard wallet. Listen to a track from the EP and buy it here.

The stunning new EP from we are soldiers we have guns is now available as a pre-release order from the online shop in the Sounds section. The CD will be dispatched for the November 14th release date.

Catch the band live in the UK:

14-Nov: London / The Social - Tack!Tack!Tack! Clubnight
16-Nov: London / Betsey Trotwood
17-Nov: Margate / The Qubar - w/Audrey

» listen to a sample track and buy the EP here

Audrey return to the UK for more mesmerising live shows in November. The currently confirmed dates are:

14-Nov: Glasgow / Bar Bloc
16-Nov: London / The Barfly
17-Nov: Margate / The Qubar - w/we are soldiers we have guns
18-Nov: Birmingham / The Glee Club
20-Nov: Manchester / The Phoenix

» listen to a sample track and buy their debut EP here

we are soldiers we have guns are set to play their first UK shows this month and next.

They'll be playing with the rather excellent The Russian Futurists on Wednesday the 26th of October at The Windmill in Brixton and return for the Tack!Tack!Tack! clubnight at The Social on Monday the 14th of November. More dates to follow ... You really should be there.

The new EP will be available online from October 24th and gets an official release on November 14th.

Audrey will be in the UK for a week of shows in November as well. Full details soon!

We're honoured and thrilled to announce that we'll be releasing the recordings of we are soldiers we have guns.  Featuring the songs and vocal talents of our favourite female singer Malin Dahlberg (Laurel Music, Douglas Heart), the self-titled EP will be released in October.

» more we are soldiers we have guns
» listen to a sample track from the EP

Records Make Great Pets - Volume 1/Sweden and Club 8's Strangely Beautiful are out now.

» read the reviews here
» listen to some sample tracks here

New reviews added, including Plan B's views of Records Make Great Pets.

» press

It's taken a while in the making, but here it is: the first volume in a new compilation series that goes by the name of Records Make Great Pets.

With a mission to highlight the strength and depth of independent music from around the world, each volume will source songs from a single country.

Volume 1 comprises the classy sounds of independent Sweden. The common thread is of quality song-writing, memorable songs and the inspiration to discover more.

It gets an official release on July 4th, but you can pre-order it from the sounds page now.

» full details of the artists and tracks
» buy it here

Following their successful UK tour, Audrey's debut EP is released today. Lookout for more UK shows in August/September.

SoundsXP called them "the best new band on the planet" .... we wouldn't disagree with that.

» listen to Box, and fights, from their self-titled EP

The Press Page has been updated with a couple of new reviews of the Audrey EP.

» press

Audrey will play a live session on BBC 6 Music's Gideon Coe show on Friday the 29th of April.  Listen live here at around 11.30 AM.

We're now accepting online orders via PayPal on the Sounds page.

» sounds

Box, and fights from Audrey's debut EP is the featured 'MPFree' track on Gideon Coe's BBC 6 Music radio show this week. Visit the 6 Music website here.

» listen to the track on the Sounds page

Fresh from their European tour - including supports to '... and you will know us by the trail of dead' and 'Denison Witmer' - Audrey play their first UK shows (with José González) at the end of April.

25-April: Coventry / Tin Angel (with José González)
26-April: Manchester / Upstairs @ The Phoenix (headline show)
27-April: Birmingham / The Glee Club (with José González)
28-April: London / 93 Feet East (with José González)
30-April: London / Betsey Trotwood, Farringdon (headline show)

Audrey describe their music as 'dark, suggestive pop'. People have compared them to Low, Björk and Arab Strap. That's OK, but Audrey has a unique sound of their own, that's been described as; spellbinding, beautiful and absolutely essential.

» listen to Box, and fights, the lead-track from the forthcoming EP

Audrey - EP is released on Stereo Test Kit Records on May the 9th (STK CD006).