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we are soldiers we have guns is Gothenburg resident Malin Dahlberg, with help from an assortment of musical friends. 'get up, get out,' is their debut album.

"At first we are soldiers we have guns was a result of me, Malin Dahlberg, finding a Stratocaster copy without strings at my ex-boyfriends place and buying a portable recorder to record it with. And of course a lot of blood sweat and tears. Mostly tears though. It still is, but now I use a studio and get lots of help from friends. Anyway, listen don't read. Spin on THAT, Frank."

Recorded during late 2007 in her native Gothenburg, 'get up, get out,' draws on themes of: power, TV, silence and goldfish, as well as a range of more personal experiences.

In Malin's own words, "This album is what prevented me from becoming bitter, grumpy and old in advance. If it wasn't for this record, I'd be living as a carton of sour milk that no one has the energy to get rid of, because the smell has stuck to the refrigerator walls anyway.

The songs were written the past year, the worst year in modern world history. I was in the worst relationship in history, living the worst life in history and became more and more aware of it. The spring was panic, the summer madness and the fall a big monster of disillusion. I broke up with a lot of friends and stopped being nice to the ones that weren't my friends anyway.

I wrote songs for myself. Strong songs for the weak me. Desperate songs for my disillusioned self and angry songs for the angry me.

Towards the end of 2007, myself, Uffe and a lot of friends recorded the album, which was mostly really fun."

Following on from their two previous EPs, the debut album sees the band expanding their sound at the extremes; more hi-fi, more lo-fi, more upbeat, more melancholy. More indie, more pop. Without compromise, without compromise.

For fans of: Stina Nordenstam, The Blow, Ida.

Website: www.wearesoldiers.net

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