Records Make Great Pets - Volume 1/Sweden - STK CD005
“Records Make Great Pets” is a new compilation series with a mission to highlight the strength and depth of independent music from around the world.

Each volume will source songs from a single country.

Volume 1 comprises the sounds of independent Sweden. The common thread is of quality song-writing, memorable songs and the inspiration to discover more.

Track listing:

1. El Perro Del Mar - Dog // website
   ›› From the album "Look! It's El Perro Del Mar!" on Hybris

2. Heikki - Former hero //
   ›› From the album "Heikki 2" on A West Side Fabrication

3. Audrey - Triumphal arch // website
   ›› From the debut EP on Stereo Test Kit

4. Britta Persson - Defrag my heart // website
   ›› From the self-released EP "Demo 1". Debut EP on Startracks

5. Laurel Music - The way love goes // website
   ›› From the album "This Night And The Next" on Stereo Test Kit

6. Caroline Soul - People I know (don't want me) // website
   ›› From the self-released EP "Sunny Side Of The Beat"

7. Melpo Mene - Don't save me // website
   ›› From the album 'Holes' on Imperial Recordings

8. Club 8 - Cold hearts // website
   ›› From the forthcoming album "Strangely Beautiful" on Stereo Test Kit

9. Sambassadeur - Between the lines // website
   ›› From the EP "Between The Lines" on Labrador Records / ClubAC30

10. Chasing Dorotea - The anchor song // website
   ›› From the album "Chasing Dorotea" on Stereo Test Kit

11. Björn Kleinhenz - Out of style // website
   ›› From the album "Trans Pony" on Johnny Bråttom Records

12. Speedmarket Avenue - He's a rebel // website
   ›› From the album "I'm Going To Let My New Swiss Army Knife Answer To That"
    on Fickle Fame

13. we are soldiers we have guns - Tourists in our hometown // website
   ›› Unreleased track. Forthcoming EP on Stereo Test Kit

14. Iamuse - Dullcity (just in time) // website
   ›› From the self-released CD

15. Music 77 - Juniper Leo // website
   ›› From "Seek ye first the kingdom of..." on Trust No One Recordings