Musika 77 - Brave You Free May - STK CD011
Musika 77 - Llanvair Llew / Free Download Single  
Brave You Free May arrives with power restrained, like the onset of an avalanche. Eight bittersweet songs aching with memories past, holding promise for the future. An album full of stories, of bittersweet tales of life. A record about letting go, about moving on, about death and loss. About truth.

An album of conflicts and extremes; light comes from darkness, silence explodes, sadness becomes uplifting. An album of movement through time and space, sounds from the basement and the opera house. Sparse passages lead to lush arrangements and mountains of sound. Simplicity shakes sophistication by the hand, then gently rips off its arm.

Think of Low with Jason Molina, Daniel Johnston and Josh Groban, Twisted Sister on gospel, Lou Barlow at the musicals. First the power of silence and the strength of restraint, then the music breaks free. This is the sound of honesty and integrity. This is the beauty of Musika 77. Come along, Brave You Free May.

Musika 77 is the Swedish 3-piece led by singer-songwriter Johann Krantz. Brave You Free May is their sophomore release, following their 2003 debut; Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of Music 77. Recorded with friends in a self-built studio in Gothenburg during late 2005 and early 2006, the recordings were free and fast. Rehearsals were kept to a minimum, first-take recordings were preferred, capturing the moment the songs came to life.

A 3-piece with Johann's vocal and guitar at its core - in the live setting, everything from a rock n roll constellation to a small scale orchestra is possible.


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