Logh - North - STK CD015
Logh - Saturday Nightmares - (digital single)    
You receive a fancy letter in the mail. An invitation to a cocktail party. A few days later you find yourself poolside with a colourful, yet not too colourful, drink in your hand. A bit too drunk, involved in a conversation a bit too deep about the new David Lynch movie; a documentary about the dark December days around a concert in Berlin, featuring a super group made up of Vangelis, Roy Orbison, Kate Bush and Jim O'Rourke. Logh's fourth record sounds somewhat like that. If you want it to.

Since the members of Logh are so bull-headed and always have to do everything the other way around and since their last record was recorded in just one day, they decided for the recording of their new album to remain in the studio for way too long.

Someone called it the longest indie recording in world history. While this may be a slight exaggeration, the recording really did take a long, long time.

There wasn't really supposed to be a new Logh record for the foreseeable future, but then, in January 2006, the band headed out on their umpteenth European tour. A tour which proved to be so much fun and so successful that a spark was lit. That spark was enough to keep the band writing and recording non-stop until the album was done, 10 months later.

After a few months in the studio, the file sizes of the Pro Tools sessions had reached dizzying heights, as the band continued in their quest of finding something, that no one quite knew what. When the time had finally come for Pelle Gunnerfeldt to mix the record, he probably laughed, or cried, quietly to himself when he opened the files and witnessed the mess. However, with the help of the iconic image of Mark Knopfler projected in 3D above the mixing console, Pelle somehow managed to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

What you are going to discover within this record probably depends a bit on what you bring to it. But similar to the tale of Snake Plissken in "Escape from New York", this album also tells the story of someone trying to get out and away from a dark, threatening and chaotic existence. Although possibly wearing a slightly wider, self-ironic smile. And definitely with a much cooler drink in hand.

· Logh was formed in 1998 by Mattias Friberg, Mathias Oldén and Jens Hellgren and have later been joined by Marco Hildén, Karl Arvidson and Mattias Jeppsson.

· Logh have previously released three albums: Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings (2002), The Raging Sun (2003) and A Sunset Panorama (2005).

· Logh have played around 300 shows in 18 countries and will spend the rest of the year on tour.

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