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On Hope On The Horizon, Boy Omega (Martin Henrik Gustafsson) follows 2006's acclaimed The Black Tango (album) and The Grey Rainbow (mini-album), with another impressive collection of songs, showcasing the growth of his skills, both as a songwriter and composer.

Less electronic sounding than before, the listener will hear more warmth, more analogue sounds; big walls of strings, horns, acoustic piano, vocal harmonies. Authentic, melancholic sounds, drenched with the bittersweet beauty of life.

This album is more of a band collaboration than a solo effort, featuring twelve players in addition to Martin. At it's core, the Boy Omega Orchestra is: Per-Ola Eriksson (piano and guitars), Karin Wiberg (violin) and Andreas Lassus (drums).

The album was recorded over the last two years, at various locations in Gothenburg, Sweden. The sessions took place in between touring, other recordings and day-to-day life. The band had been trying out most of the songs live before recordings began, so they decided to record as much as possible live in the studio, aiming to use first or second takes.

On the recording process, Martin says, "During this period of time, I listened a lot to the Van Morrison album 'Veedon Fleece', Bob Dylan's 'Blonde on Blonde', the self-titled album by Broken Social Scene, albums by Nicolai Dunger and Håkan Hellström and last but not least, a huge pile of Phil Spector and his wall of sound productions. Those albums were an influence on the recording process. 'More is more' kind of became the catchphrase in the studio".

The songs are about; "them black eyes, the hidden signs, pulling the plug, pulling down your pants, childhood summer memories, animals, alarms, auras, traps, targets, cocoons, buckets of friendship, acts of revenge, threats, bulletproof vests, fire, explosives and their related effects, warm city lights, tram #9, body power, wrongdoings, drinking yourself off the map, fixing a broken heart, dissociation, roofs falling in, far distances, tall grass, sleeping pills, coping mechanisms, late night phonecalls, bent rules, biting kisses, the rising sun and hope on the horizon".

Press excerpts for Boy Omega:

"Fans of Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith will feel a kinship to these allusive tunes ... A fascinating series of snapshots, both disarming and engaging ... something incredibly fragile and perfectly crafted" - UNCUT (4/5)

"Sad songs and little-boy-lost vocals recall Bright Eyes, but his settings are all his own, mixing lo-fi sensibilities with gnarly electronics, warm cellos, lustrous violins, banjo and sax to lush effect ... One to watch" - THE INDEPENDENT

"Naked and bare but still powerful, and not self-pitiful as so many others in the same genre" - GROOVE

"Everything is better in Sweden and Boy Omega is a new superhero to feed this theory" - SPEX

"This really is the album that you have searched for throughout your whole life" - MAVERICK MAGAZINE (5/5)

For fans of: Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire, Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, The Cure.


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